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Hi, I'm Nathan Woodburn and I live in Canberra, Australia.
I've been home schooled all the way to Yr 12.
I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Computer Science.
I create tons of random projects so this site is often behind.
I'm one of the founders of Handshake AU working to increase Handshake adoption in Australia.
I work for Namebase as tech and general support. Namebase is a US based company owned by Namecheap.

I'm currently working on



  • 3D Printing
  • Autodesk Fusion 360 (CAD Modeling)
  • Programming with various languages
  • DNS, DNSSEC and Trustless SSL
  • Linux Servers and CLI
  • NGINX Web Servers

My Websites

Nathan 3D Printing

Offering 3D Printing and CAD modelling services to the Canberra region

HNSAU Registry

An easy to use DNS provider and domain reselling platform


The group for Handshake enthusiasts in Australia

HNS Hosting

Simple Wordpress hosting for Handshake domains with builtin SSL using DANE


An opensource Handshake wallet that is Fire!


A single page website creator where each user's page on their free HNS domain

Git Server

Selfhosted Git server to host my repos with custom hosted CI/CD


A free link shortener with a Handshake TLD and using DNS for authentication

Contact Me

Here are my socials. I'm most active on Discord